Customized Air Filters For Your Property

Get Custom Filters For Your Air Filtration Needs

The same size of filter will not fit every home. At OK Filter Company, we'll provide you with the service of getting a filter made according to your requirements. We can customize an air filter in the size that is specified by you.

Need a customized air filter as soon as possible? We follow a quick lead time for rush orders. Call us at 918-266-3771 for more details.   

Mini Pleats

If you're looking for a high-efficiency, powerful air filter, mini pleat is your best bet! Offering three times more pleats than an average filter, the mini pleat air filter provides more surface area to remove harmful particles. This ensures that the filter delivers maximum efficiency without any increase in the air flow resistance.   

Geothermal Filters

Our range of geothermal filters comes with a one-piece frame for strength and stability so there's no taping, stapling, or gluing of filters together. Its sturdy one-piece frame and extra material make it a high-capacity and high-performance filter. 

Pleated plus carbon air filters work with your geothermal heat pump system to remove airborne particles and help eliminate odors. The media captures microscopic airborne dust, pollen, allergens, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria and particulates carrying bacteria, and viruses in the air. 

The high-quality activated carbon media deodorizes the air by absorbing and eliminating household odors and also removes concentration of gases (VOCs) and other air particulates while maintaining excellent air flow properties.   
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