Panel Filters For Clean Air Quality

Keep Air Moisture At Bay With Our Panel Filters

Keeping air moisture at bay wouldn't be a task anymore! At OK Filter Company, we have a wide range of great-quality panel air filters for your home and office. Whether it's the summer or the monsoon season, you'll be able to easily breathe fresh air at all times. 
Panel filter

Get Yourself A High-Efficiency Panel Filter Today

A panel filter is a 3-ply filter that comes with an internal wire support. Our panel filters are made with a medium that is treated with a fire-retardant binder (suitable for temperatures up to 220 °F), thus, making the filters excellent at repelling moisture.  

All of our panel filters come in tackified orange and in two types of blue. The tackified orange is treated with an adhesive to enhance particulate retention. The blue material, however, is not treated with the tackifier and, therefore, serves as an excellent prefilter in protecting more expensive high-efficiency filters.   

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