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Pleated Air Filters

Do you find yourself dealing with allergies or respiratory issues way too often? Well, the air you breathe could potentially be the reason behind your sickness. Air, if not filtered correctly, can cause major health issues. It is therefore advisable to have the right air filter installed in your home or workplace.

At OK Filter Company, we manufacture and supply a wide range of commercial and residential air filters that ensures that you breathe fresh, purified air all day long.

Reliable Pleated Air Filters

Bacteria and mold can quickly find a breeding ground in your home if there's any moisture or dirt in the air. At OK Filter Company, we manufacture pleated air filters that are specially designed to filter the air and rid it of mold and bacteria.

Our MERV 8-rated pleated air filters are made of synthetic materials that are charged using electrostatics. These materials help attract and capture most airborne particulates. What's more? All of our pleated filters come with a sturdy beverage board frame that has diagonal support members bonded to the pleat pack for stability.

Visit our store at 14602 Clean Air Drive or call us at 918-266-3771 to learn more about our pleated air filters.

Commercial & Residential Filters

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